Bar & Nightclub Wristbands

MedTech Wristbands offers a large assortment of Bar and Night club wristbands that are a widely used for club admission, vip access, security, coat checks and drinking age verification.

Wristbands are rapidly becoming the preferred identification and admission solution for bars and nightclub venues worldwide. Unlike hand stamps or paper tickets, wristbands are almost impossible to lose or transfer, are convenient, durable and resistant to heat and water – making them perfect for proof of paid admission for re-entry to your establishment.

Common uses for Wristbands at Bars and Nightclubs

  • General admission ticketing and crowd management
  • Coat and article check in with numbered detachable ticket stubs
  • VIP wristbands for VIP lounges and private seating areas
  • Drinking age verification wristbands quickly identify guests who are of legal drinking age 
  • Bounce back promotions or discounts at the on-site gift shop
  • Beverage redemptions at bars for designated drivers
  • Special group access (birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.) 
  • Beverage sponsor advertisements

Top Choices of Wristbands for Bars & Nightclubs

Tips on preventing illegal entry to your Bar and Nightclub

  1. Use a mix of different wristband colors, stock patterns and custom messages to stop reuse and counterfeiting.

  2. Use UV Security Ink for your custom print graphics. Invisible to the naked eye, it is revealed by UV florescent or black lighting and is the most effective and cost efficient security option.

  3. Customize your wristbands with serial numbers, assigning specific ranges of numbers to different days or special events.
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