Benefits of Customizing Wristbands for your Event

Patrons at music festival wearing custom printed security id event wristbands

Event wristbands come with lots of advantages that make your event a better place for everyone. However, have you considered using custom event wristbands? They’re like stock event wristbands, only customized to suit your needs. As you can imagine, this brings a lot of additional benefits to the table…

Spread the word about your brand or cause

Using things like custom plastic wristbands will help you enhance your brand image. You can design the bands to fit your brand colors, emblazoning your logo on there too. With all the event attendees walking around with the bands on, you’re basically getting free exposure. As they leave the event, other people will notice the bands and may learn about your brand for the first time!

Likewise, if your event is designed to support a particular cause or charity, custom wristbands help you spread the word far and wide. Hand out these bands at your event, and you can customize them to have different messages. Again, when people leave, they continue wearing your wristbands, spreading the word far and wide.

Streamline the security process

We all know that wristbands are fantastic for identifying who is supposed to be at the event, and who isn’t. However, some wristbands are easy to reproduce – what’s stopping someone from going online and ordering hundreds of basic red wristbands as they know that’s what you use at your events? As such, it’s impossible to tell who has a legitimate band and who doesn’t.

Things like custom Tyvek wristbands instantly negate this issue. A custom wristband is unique because you have designed it. They are considerably harder to replicate, so it’s easier to spot fake bands among attendees.

Streamline your event

At some events, attendees need to prove their identity before buying things or being allowed in certain areas – like a VIP section. Without wristbands, it can take a while for someone to rummage through their bag or scroll through their phone to show a ticket.

With wristbands, the process is simple and streamlined; a flash of the wrist is all it takes, to speed everything up and prevent delays or congestion.

Secure extra money through sponsorships

Events are extremely costly, which is why it helps to generate as much money as possible from all kinds of sources. Typically, you look for sponsors to help you fund the event. So, why don’t you sell advertising space for sponsors or businesses on your wristbands?

It’s a genius idea as you partner with other companies to display their brands on the custom event wristbands. They get free exposure, and you get extra money to help fund the event.

Replace conventional tickets

Tickets are the bane of every event manager’s life. Firstly, printing tickets cost loads of money. Then, you have to deal with congestion at your event with people searching for tickets to gain access to certain areas. Instead, a custom wristband solves the problem. You can use it as a ticket, putting QR codes or barcodes on every band. As such, people simply scan their wrists to enter or exit the event – or to access certain areas, like VIP sections, if they’re eligible.

While event wristbands are good, custom event wristbands are fantastic. From custom paper wristbands to custom plastic wristbands, we have everything you need to upgrade the experience for everyone involved. Check out our site today to see our stock of wristbands, complete with customization options.
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