Campground Wristbands

Wristbands are an easy and economical way for Camps and Campgrounds to identify guests, whether they’re children at a summer camp or families on a camping trip vacation.

Common uses for Campground Wristbands

  • Clearly identify staff and guests
  • Easily and discreetly identify guests with special needs (allergies, medications, access etc.)
  • Drinking age verification
  • Reunite lost children with their family or group
  • Identify groups and assign lodging or area
  • Wristband with ticket stubs for equipment rentals
  • Reduce litter with 100 % recyclable wristbands that replace paper tickets

Collection of Wristbands for Campgrounds

Custom Camping Wristbands also make great Season Passes!

Create lasting souvenirs and sponsorship opportunities with fun custom wristbands. Campers will keep well designed custom wristbands as a souvenir – offering you and your sponsors prolonged marketing exposure.

A custom Camping Wristband can be branded with your logo, event promotions, and special offers.

Quick Tip: Discount offers or Web PIN codes printed on the inside of your wristbands are a great way to engage your guests and encourage a return trip.

Personalized features can include:

  • Full-color graphics, text & logos [at 300 dpi]
  • QR codes
  • PIN numbers or barcodes
  • Prizes & discount codes
  • Advertising space for sponsors or promotions
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