Custom Holographic Wristbands

Add some shimmer and shine to your events! Our glitter and sparkle wristbands add style and color. A great choice for VIP identification at night clubs and festivals.

Customized holographic wristbands for special access at events

Holographic wristbands provide high visibility identification for guests. We offer several bright patterns and colors so your security staff can easily spot authorized patrons. Due to nature of the holograms, it is very difficult to counterfeit. The security snap closure is designed for one-time use, so once its closed the wristband cannot be transferred to someone else.

Similar to our plastic wristbands these are made from a tri-laminate material, making them highly durable, stretch-resistant, waterproof, and comfortable to wear for multi-day events.

Both our Sparkle and Techno patterns can be customized your own logos and messaging. Custom serial numbering can be added to the wristbands for added security if required. 

Types of Custom Holographic Event Wristbands

Custom sparkle event wristband for special and backstage access
Custom Sparkle Wristbands

Classy, vibrant & secure with one time use snap closure

Custom printed techno holographic wristband for vip access
Custom Techno Wristbands

Stylish, vibrant & secure with one time use snap closure

Need Custom Hologram Wristbands in a Rush ?

We can Print & Ship your Order the Same Day!

Multi-day Event Security

Sparkle and Techno holographic wristbands have an extensive collection of colors and patterns if your event requires a unique look for each day.

Customizing your Wristband

Ordering custom wristbands for your event is the ideal solution if you want something special, secure and unique. Most importantly, prevent unauthorized entry.

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