How to Get Free Wristbands with Sponsor Advertising

Printing tickets and wristbands for entry is one of the most important things to take care of when planning an event. However, this is an additional cost that you need to factor into your budget, making your event more expensive overall. Figuring out how to pay for this expense can be tricky, especially if it will take away from your budget elsewhere. Fortunately, with the right strategy, you could make your wristbands a lot cheaper and even avoid having to pay for them at all.

How Sponsorship Can Help

Event sponsors can be a significant factor in your event plan. Sponsors help to fund your event by providing funds in exchange for advertising. You can include various benefits in your sponsorship package, such as listing your sponsors in your event program or including their logos on your banners and posters.

Another way to use sponsorship is to get one or more sponsors to pay for your wristbands. You can offer to include your sponsor’s logo on your wristbands as part of your sponsorship package or as a specific sponsorship option for your event.

The Benefits for Your Sponsors

Of course, if you want to gain sponsors, you need to be able to clearly explain what they’re going to get out of the deal. Logos on wristbands are a great option for sponsors, as it gets them plenty of exposure. Attendees of your event will wear their wristbands to gain access to different areas while attending, meaning they and others around them will be exposed to your sponsor’s logo the entire time. Many people will also take their wristbands home, keep them lying around, or even continue to wear them for a while. This provides even more exposure, helping to create brand awareness.

Your event attendees will be constantly seeing your sponsor’s logo, and it will be one of the first things they see at your event. This is incredible brand exposure that is well worth the cost of paying for part or all of your wristbands. You can get your sponsor involved in the design of the wristband to ensure they are comfortable with what they will look like and how their name and logo will be displayed.

There could be options for having multiple sponsors pay for your wristbands. Perhaps you can fit more than one logo onto a wristband, or you might have different sponsors for different wristband types. If you have tiered entry with different wristbands, each level could have a different sponsor and design. There are various options for customizing wristbands, including a choice of materials, colors, and design options.

If you want sponsors to pay for your wristbands, introduce the idea as early as you can. You could include it in a complete sponsorship package or as one of several options for sponsoring your event. Be sure to emphasize the benefits of displaying a brand logo on wristbands and the staying power that they have when people wear them for long periods.

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