Concert Wristbands

Give concert goers something to cheer about, with a wearable ticket! Wristbands can be customized with serial numbers, logos, sponsor promotions, advertisements & upcoming events.

Concert Wristbands are more than just a wearable ticket – they can be a powerful marketing tool and assist with event security:

  • Customize with band logos, sponsor promotions, advertisements, upcoming events, and more.
  • Identify non-payers with wristbands that are non-transferable and nearly impossible to counterfeit.
  • Age verification wristbands are a fast and reliable way for your staff to know who shouldn’t be served.
  • Heat and water resistant – perfect for multi-day events.

Top Wristbands Picks for Concerts

Choose the level of security, control and convenience that is right for you:

  • Ticket/stub wristbands for coat/article checks
  • UV security printing
  • Holographic counterfeit prevention
  • Drinking age verification
  • Single-use snaps and other transfer-prevention features

MedTech Concert Wristbands are completely customizable

  • Full-color graphics, text & logos
  • QR codes
  • PIN numbers or barcodes
  • Prizes & discount codes
  • Advertising space for sponsors or promotions
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