eco galaxy Wristbands

Let your creativity shine! Custom bracelets can have your own customized text, graphics, and logos. Production time as low as 1 business day!

In stock eco friendly galaxy wristbands for events

Features of Galaxy Adhesive Paper Wristbands

MedTech’s Galaxy wristbands are a premium quality ID wristband.

It features high definition quality of full color graphics, logos, barcodes, QR codes, variable data and sponsor advertisements.

Our Galaxy wristband is the most eco-friendly product we offer. 90% of the material composition is derive from elements naturally produced by the Earth.

Good composting in small quantities especially to neutralize acidic soils. Non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment. 85% of the material contains a major component for biodegradable products. ASTM D06852.

This product and its composition can also be recycled back into the natural environment from which it came.

Medtech eco galaxy paper wristband features infographic

Available in Stock Galaxy Paper Wristbands

Economical, high-quality print material, armbands are produced in sheets of 10 and sequentially numbered within a box.

3/4" Galaxy Solids

Slim fit, Economical, HD print quality

3/4" Galaxy Designs

50+ Designs
HD Full Color Designs

1" Galaxy Solids

Wider fit, Economical, HD print quality

1" Galaxy Designs

Several Unique Designs for multi-day events

How to Tear Galaxy Wristbands

Customizing your Wristband

Ordering custom galaxy wristbands for your event is the ideal solution if you want something special, secure and unique. 

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