Tyvek Wristbands
(Adhesive Paper Wristbands)

Tyvek® paper wrist bands are the preferred identification and ticketing solution for short-term wear at day-long events and in wet or dry environments. They are virtually impossible to transfer to a non-paying guest. The paper-like material is inexpensive, durable, water proof & repels bacteria.

Tyvek paper wristbands with adhesive closure

Overview & Features of
Tyvek ID Wristbands

All of our Tyvek® event wristbands are 100 % recyclable and made from a strong, tear and stretch resistant synthetic material. It features a patented, aggressive adhesive closure and tamper evident die-cut to prevents transfer. They make an excellent choice for wet and dry environments at single day events.

Tyvek® wristbands are a cost effective alternative to printed tickets & hand stamping. These wristbands feature a large printable area for custom printed messages, logos, graphics, event information, access area identification and sponsor advertisements.

Tyvek® Wristbands can be used for a variety of applications at events and venues: Ticketing, Guest ID, Drinking age verification, Child ID, VIP Access, Coat check, Rentals, Access restrictions, Ride admittance, Tagging and Advertising / Sponsorships / Marketing & Brand Promotions.

Infographic of MedTech tyvek event wristband security features for events

Economy Tyvek® Wristbands

Economical grade tyvek material, armbands are made in sheets of 10 and sequentially numbered within a box.

3/4" Tyvek® Wristbands (Sheeted)

Slim fit - Economical, durable & secure
Best for 1-2 day events

1" Tyvek® Wristbands (Sheeted)

Wide fit - durable & secure
Best for 1-2 day events

Premium Tyvek® Event Wristbands

High-grade Tyvek® material, armbands are fan folded and sequentially numbered within a box.

3/4" Tyvek® Solid Colors

Economical, durable & secure
17 vibrant colors

3/4" Tyvek® Patterns

Great for multi-day security
100+ unique designs

1" Tyvek® Solid Colors

Wider band - higher visibilty
17 vibrant colors

1" Tyvek® Patterns

Ideal for multi-day security
21 unique designs

1" Tyvek® Litter Free

Wider band - litter free tab
17 colors available

1" Tyvek® Stub

Detachable redemption ticket
17 colors available

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyvek® Paper Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands are an extremely cost effective wearable solution for tagging guests during admission to events. Convention admission tickets are easy to lose, if a guest leaves the venue returns for re-entry this becomes a big headache for both the security staff and guests.

Paper wristbands are highly visible at all times, non-transferrable and can never get lost unless the wrist band is permanently removed. The special die cut makes them unusable if tampered with.

As a valued added feature, our Tyvek® adhesive armbands are sequentially numbered for easy auditing and prevents counterfeiting.

Yes, the Tyvek® paper material, inks and aggressive adhesive closure is waterproof. It is completely safe to use at waterparks, in the shower or a day at the beach.

If someone tries to remove the band and transfer it to another person. Each wristband has a “tamper evident die cut”, this will be permanently damaged and your security staff will know the band was tampered with. 

We generally recommend you use Tyvek wristbands for events spanning over 1-2 days in wet or dry conditions.

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