Custom Vinyl Wristbands

Designed for rugged wear and longevity in mind. Great for long term wear, events with ticket redeemable items and high visibility identification. Customized vinyl bands cam have serial numbers, text, graphics, and logos. 

Customized vinyl event wristbands for multi day use

Why Use Custom Vinyl ID Wristbands

Custom Vinyl wristbands are the most durable type of security wristband we make. They are composed of a  3 layer stretch / tear resistant material that’s durable enough for repeated use but still lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. Both the material and custom imprint will last up to 2 weeks or more depending on the wear and tear.

Our vinyl wristband is equipped with a ultra secure, one-time use snap closure. One applied the band will have to be destroyed to be removed, so guests are not able to transfer the wrist band to others. The vinyl snap wristbands fit most wrist sizes ranging from kids to adults. If you are looking for a durable id wristband solution but need something that has added comfort, try our custom soft comfort wristbands.

Who uses Vinyl Custom Wristbands

  • Bars
  • Night clubs
  • Campgrounds
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Waterparks
  • Amusement parks

Types of Custom Vinyl Wristbands for Events

Tough 3 layer vinyl, armbands are in sheets of 10 and sequentially numbered within a box.

Custom vinyl L shape wristband for events and resorts
Custom Vinyl Straight Wave Wristband

Comfortable & durable
15 vibrant colors available

Custom printed vinyl wide face wristband with large imprint area
Custom Vinyl Wide Face Wristband

Large writable / imprint area
15 vibrant colors available

Custom vinyl wristband with redeemable ticket
Custom Vinyl 1 Stub Wristband

Detachable ticket stub
15 vibrant colors available

Custom vinyl snap wristband with 3 detachable ticket stubs
Custom Vinyl 3 Stub Wristband

3 Detachable redemption tabs
15 vibrant colors available

Need Custom Vinyl Wristbands in a Rush ?

We can Print & Ship your Order the Same Day!
Custom printed vinyl wrist with black ink 5 detachable coupons
Custom Vinyl 5 Stub Wristband

5 Detachable redemption tabs
15 vibrant colors available

Custom vinyl ticket wristband for events and theme parks with 10 redeemble cash tags
Custom Vinyl 10 Stub Wristband

10 Detachable redemption tabs
15 vibrant colors available

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Vinyl Event Wristbands

Custom printed vinyl wristbands are 100% waterproof. Both the wristband itself and the printed designs will remain intact in wet or dry environments up to 2 weeks.

The easiest and safest method to remove the vinyl wristband from your wrist is to use a scissors.

Our plastic and vinyl wristbands share some commonalities in design and styles but they use completely different material.

Plastic wristbands are composed of bi-laminate material with a tear/stretch-resistant film. These typically last up to 1 week.

Vinyl wristbands are composed with a 3-layer vinyl and tear/stretch-resistant film. These typically last up to 2 weeks.

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