Custom Soft Comfort Wristbands

Get the best of comfort, durability and security for multi-day events.  Custom printed Soft Comfort wristbands are the ultimate wearable ID solution! They  can be customized with serial numbers, text, graphics, and logos. 

Customized soft wristbands for multi day events with black and white print

Why Customers Love our Soft Comfort Wristbands

Our Soft Comfort wristbands are very similar to our plastic wristbands in construction and design but the unique material is ultra smooth and soft, which provides superb comfort. This wristband is  he ideal choice when you need a durable and secure wearable ID solution for multi-day use in wet or dry environments. Our customizable plastic comfort wristbands are made from a stretch-resistant multi-layer film coupled with a one-time use snap closure to prevent transfer and reuse.

While custom printed soft comfort wristbands have a smaller imprint area than custom Tyvek bands. There is definite more than adequate space to custom print your logos, text, sponsor advertising, messaging, prizes and much more.

We offer 3 styles of custom printed wristbands for events, with different options for width, color and design. Custom serial numbers and barcodes can be printed on your custom comfort wristband order. Both of these options assist with guest tracking and prevent counterfeits. The QR codes allow guests to interact with you and your sponsors online (i.e. social media, prize redemption, surveys, etc.)

Who uses Plastic Soft Comfort Wristbands
Many venues around the world use our comfort id bands for a variety of applications and functions. Some prefer to the stock selection of colors and patterns of comfort wristbands for their event schedules, but many types of events and organizations take advantage of our custom soft comfort wristbands, including

  • Bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Music Festivals
  • Resorts
  • Water Parks
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health Care Facilities

Types of Custom Comfort Wristbands for Events

High-quality 2ply laminate material, armbands are in sheets of 10 and sequentially numbered within a box.

Custom printed L-shape comfort event wristband with back print
Custom Comfort Straight Wave Wristband

Economical, durable & secure
with one time use snap closure

Custom wide face soft comfort wristband with full color print and barcode
Custom Comfort Wide Face Wristband

Large imprint area, durable & secure
with one time use snap closure

Custom printed soft comfort ticket wristband detachable redeemable ticket
Custom Comfort Detachable Ticket Wristband

Detachable ticket stub, durable & secure
with one time use snap closure

Need Custom Wristbands in a Rush ?

We can Print & Ship your Order the Same Day!

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Soft Comfort Wristbands

Custom printed plastic soft comfort wristbands fit most wrist sizes. It features several adjustable notches along the strap and a secure closure so fits comfortably around your wrist.

Custom printed soft comfort wristbands are designed for multi-day events. They are durable enough to withstand aggressive wear for periods up to 1 week or longer, depending on the application. 

The easiest and safest way to remove comfort wristbands once fastened around your wrist is to cut them with a scissors.

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